Canada-India Higher Education Roundtable

On March1st, 2017, the Canada-India Business Council and the Asia Pacific Foundation, in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada, hosted the Canada-India Higher Education Roundtable. This session was aimed providing a plattform for Canadian Colleges and Universities, as well as Business and Government leaders, to discuss the development of cohesive strategies to increase the influx of Indian students into the Canadian higher education system and Canadian students into the Indian higher education system.


The Council will host this session in Vancouver BC, on March 8th.


India has all the hallmarks of being one the most dynamic and consequential countries in the early 21st century. Not only is its economy growing at more than 7%, but it is also one of the world’s youngest countries; more than half its population – approximately 600 million people – is under the age of 25. What’s more, India will remain a ‘young’ country well into the future, which means that higher education could play a central role in India’s relationship with the world for decades to come.


Against this backdrop, there are two particularly strong rationales for strengthening education links between Canada and India:

  • Taking advantage of India’s large youth population to raise the visibility of Canada as an attractive option for Indian youth seeking education outside their country;

  • Growing the number of Canadian students getting first-hand experience with India through co-ops and other work term programs.

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