Cathy Warner

Managing Partner, Saskatchewan/ National Leader Audit & Assurance for Government & Public Service at Deloitte

Cathy is Deloitte’s Managing Partner for Saskatchewan and responsible for ensuring that Deloitte is bringing the best to their Saskatchewan clients and that they grow as a practice.

In addition, Cathy is responsible for the team located in Saskatchewan to ensure they operate successfully in a high-performance environment balancing their whole selves. Since the onset of COVID, Cathy has been responsible for ensuring their team stays safe while balancing conflicting requirements and additional pressures.

Having presented to Committees and Boards since 2001, Cathy has become a student of governance.  Over the past 30 years she has built a reputation for outstanding client service, resolving issues, and communicating clearly and candidly with management and governing bodies. 

Cathy has contributed to numerous boards over the years. Her experience both in the public service and in private corporations has allowed her to develop deep skills in governance, stakeholder relationships, strategic planning, risk management and process improvement. 

Currently Cathy serves as:
 • Board Member and Finance Committee Chair, Deloitte LLP Canada
• Board Member, Lorne & Evelyn Johnson Foundation
• Trustee, Government House Foundation

Her past experiences include:
• Board Member, CA School of Business and CPA Western School of Business
• Council Member, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Saskatchewan