• How do I attract the best and brightest students?

  • How do I showcase my university or college in India?

  • How do I engage with Indian institutions?

The C-IBC offers member services and support according to your needs


The quality of Canadian education and institutions is attracting Indian and other international students to Canada. With legions of secondary, post-secondary and executive learners seeking an international education, finding and recruiting these students can be a challenge. We understand the strength of the Canadian education brand and the challenges faced by Canadian institutions.


The C-IBC helps Canadian educational institutions compete and attract the best and brightest students. We understand the education sector and have a network of Canadian institutions experienced in the India market.


By joining the C-IBC, your network immediately expands to include Canada’s most successful Canada-India business association, with members drawn from all sectors of the Canadian economy. You will learn best practices and gain important knowledge on how others are succeeding in India.

Affordable Access to the India Market:



  • Educational institutions join at a C-IBC membership rate of C$3000 per year. Any number of faculty, staff and students

  • can enjoy the membership.

  • Promotion of Canadian Education

  • We work with the institution's co-op offices to find student internships with C-IBC member companies in India

  • Other outreach activities year round, such as seminars and roundtables on education and higher learning

Advocacy on Issues Affecting the Education Sector:



  • Promote of Canada’s world-class education in India​

  • Help government stakeholders and partners to improve and promote the growth of foreign students in Canadian educational institutions

  • Champion important issues for Canadian educators such as student visas, funding etc.

  • Insight on Canada-India Relations

  • C-IBC executives are available to speak to audiences at your institution or to participate in policy discussions on Canada-India relations



Student Engagement:


  • Students of educational institutions can apply to join the Council's Next Generation Program

  • Supporting alumni activities in India


All members also get priority notification of key events, seminars and missions, and policy conferences, coaching, mentoring sessions as well as networking opportunities with other members of the Canadian business and education communities in India.


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