• How do I demonstrate my government’s commitment to Canada-India business, trade and investment?

  • How can I interest Indian investors in investing and doing more business in my jurisdiction?

  • How do I help companies in my jurisdiction to trade and invest in India?

  • How do I work with partners and like-minded agencies to promote companies in my jurisdiction?

Here's what a C-IBC membership allows you to do:


  • Any employee within a government member department can be active in C-IBC

  • In municipalities where export development and investment attraction are separate, all relevant agencies are welcome.

  • For cities and municipalities, executives of your local chamber of commerce can be active under your membership

  • Provincial investment attraction and economic development agencies enjoy the same privileges

  • Access to C-IBC’s member services, support, advice


Here's how C-IBC could help companies located in your jurisdiction:

For Companies Considering Doing Business in India:

  • Market research and intelligence to better understand your customers and competitors

  • Understanding the Indian economic model

  • ​Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries

  • State-Owned Enterprises,

  • Joint Ventures,

  • Wholly-Foreign Owned Enterprises, etc.

  • Identification of new or emerging market trends in India

  • Advice on developing your India strategy

  • Advice on issues involving banking, taxation and capital movement

  • Guidance on credit financing and insurance for exporters

For Companies Ready to Do Business in India:


  • Advisory services on adapting your brand, marketing and product to Indian consumers

  • Guidance on cross-cultural communications and Indian practices

  • Assistance with corporate registration

  • Guidance on IP, trademark and copyright protection

  • Referrals to experts in business registration, commercial real estate, recruitment, taxation, law and HR

  • Connections to the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, Export Development Canada and like-minded partner agencies

  • Outreach to municipal, provincial, national economic development and investment attraction agencies in India

For Companies Already Doing Business in India:


  • Assistance with public and government relations

  • Mentoring by larger Canadian established companies in India

  • Services and support customized to member requirements

  • Organizing C-IBC events, engaging stakeholders and decision makers

  • Participation in high-level Canada-India policy issues


All members also get priority notification of key events, seminars and missions, and Policy Conference, coaching, mentoring sessions as well as networking opportunities with other members of the Canadian business community in India.


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