The Indian market offers unique business opportunities for expansion and investment, and as the global economy continues to shift eastward, considerations for a presence in India is a top priority. Rapid growth brings change, meaning companies need to understand India’s evolving policy regime, shifting competitive landscape, and the nuances that come with India’s size, scale, and diverse business cultures. Similarly, Canada’s traditional strengths in commodities and resources augmented by the growing innovation sector, offers Indian companies opportunities to collaborate in North America and beyond.


Whether your company has a proven track record in India, or is new, the C-IBC offers a responsive membership package for your business engagement strategy.


Regularly in touch with leading Indian business associations, the C-IBC can facilitate introductions, as appropriate. Customized programming, business-to-business introductions, advisor network access, sponsorship prospecting, on-the-ground leads, and opportunities to take part in senior and thought-leadership roles, are just a few of the ways we work to support you.

A C-IBC membership offers you and your organization practical ways to approach business opportunities in India, business insights, intelligence, and networks to materially advance your strategic objectives.


The C-IBC provides quality services and support to member organizations and business professionals from both countries. We help organizations, big and small, from all sectors of the Canadian economy. Similarly, Indian companies reach out to the C-IBC to develop their North-American objectives.


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